Look, they’re painting my cage

birdcageI often watch environmental shows on television and am becoming increasingly distressed when I see well-meaning scientists putting their hands down animal burrows or into bird nests, pulling out animals/birds and putting on bands or some sort of tracking device.

No one has ever proven to me that the animals/birds do not become distressed or stressed by these experiences. Personally, if someone put their hand into my home and pulled me out, I would be very distressed.
Humans sometimes have impulses to do good; often these impulses are misguided or do not end with the hoped for outcome.
This painting is about my dismay at human intervention not being the right thing. Though it is claimed that a tracking device on the back of a turtle does the animal no harm, I have my doubts. Birds are free – that is why we love them so much. Don’t band birds, don’t cage them!

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