Picasso inspiration

Quite recently, two separate ideas have set me off in a completely different direction in my work.

The first thought was that Picasso never taught. In this he is quite unusual. (He is also unusual in that he bought his first castle during the Great Depression.)

My second thought was also about Picasso. I had always felt very ambivalent about him and even despised at least 90% of his work. But some of his work seemed to be truly transcendent in that it went way beyond all painting that had gone before it.

It occurred to me that I had an overload of clichés driving my interpretations of much of his work and that it was time I actually underwent a real study & research into the working methods and mind of this man.

I have made some very interesting discoveries. For instance, I had always read his Weeping Woman as a misogynist’s response to a distressed woman & possibly distress that he had caused.

But I now see this work as a response to the Spanish Civil War.

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